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Get treatment for embarrassing or distracting lazy eye

The primary sign of strabismus is a visible misalignment of the eyes, with one eye turning in, out, up, down or at an oblique angle. This misalignment can be significant, called “large-angle,” or less noticeable, “small-angle.” Eventually, either type can lead to amblyopia or “lazy eye.” The condition can affect one eye or can alternate between the eyes.

In some cases, the effects of having a lazy eye are mostly psychological. The individual feels embarrassed about the way he or she looks. There are also cases – especially when the misalignment is small – where the brain works hard to correct the problem. This can result in headaches, eyestrain, fatigue or double vision.

Generally, the earlier in life strabismus surgery is performed, the better the outcome. However, adults may benefit from this treatment. The factors are many and each patient is unique. We can give you a thorough assessment and answer any questions you have about your options for lazy eye correction.