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First, there was bladed LASIK, and then there was all-laser custom LASIK. Now, the newest, most minimally invasive laser vision​ correction procedure is here: ZEISS SMILE!

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SMILE at Fichte Endl & Elmer

Our dedicated and experienced eye surgeons at Fichte, Endl & Elmer Eyecare in Buffalo, New York, can deliver this advanced permanent and personalized laser vision correction through ZEISS SMILE. If you are interested in reducing your dependence on visual aids, look no further.

Through ZEISS SMILE, you can experience visual freedom and renewed, improved quality of life.

What Is Laser Vision Correction?

Laser vision correction is a series of steps where your eye surgeon makes tiny adjustments to your cornea, correcting your natural refractive error. There are many different types of laser vision correction, and some people can be a better fit for certain types than others.

However, all of these procedures aim to improve vision and reduce your dependence on contact lenses and glasses. LASIK is a common form of laser vision correction.

However, some people are not candidates for this procedure, or want a less invasive option! Thanks to recent advancements in technology, the ZEISS SMILE procedure can provide permanent vision correction and yet another option for those desiring visual freedom.

During a laser vision correction procedure, your eye surgeon uses a laser to change your cornea to correct your refractive error. Laser vision correction can correct various types of refractive errors. 

Refractive errors occur when the light that is entering your eye does not fall directly on the retina, which is the photosensitive layer at the back of your eye. The retina plays a significant role in vision and is responsible for sending signals to the brain for you to see.

During a laser vision correction procedure, your eye surgeon will change the cornea so that the light will land directly on the retina. After this, you will be able to see clearly without the burden of contact lenses or glasses.

Laser vision correction can provide you with freedom you have never had before! A quick and simple procedure stands between you and continuing to depend on visual aids.


ZEISS SMILE is the newest and most advanced laser vision correction procedure available, with over 7 million procedures performed worldwide! SMILE stands for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction and is an excellent option for those who desire a more adventurous life without the hassle of visual aids.

The ZEISS SMILE procedure is exclusively performed using the VisuMax femtosecond laser by ZEISS. Your eye surgeon will use the ZEISS VisuMax laser during this state-of-the-art procedure. This laser will create a small incision and remove a round piece of your corneal tissue, called a lenticule. Next, your eye surgeon removes this lenticule through the tiny, microscopic incision on the cornea.

Fortunately, during this process, there is little to no damage or disruption to the other structures of the eye. After ZEISS SMILE, the shape of your cornea will be changed, and your vision will be significantly improved.

To produce this excellent vision outcome, your eye surgeon will use the advanced ZEISS VisuMax laser customized specifically for you. The ZEISS SMILE procedure is minimally invasive and is the most recent advancement in laser vision correction.

ZEISS SMILE is an outpatient procedure, meaning you can go home the same day and do not have to stay overnight in a hospital. In addition, ZEISS SMILE is a very quick procedure, often lasting less than thirty minutes for both eyes.

Another great thing about ZEISS SMILE is that most people will notice an improvement in their vision within the first day after the procedure. However, to maintain these excellent vision results, it is essential that you follow any instructions given to you by your eye doctor.

Following instructions closely will ensure that your eyes heal properly and help avoid possible complications.

Step 1

A highly precise femtosecond laser is used to create a thin contact lens-shaped layer of tissue just beneath the surface of the eye.

Step 2

The lenticule in the eye is removed through a small opening created by the laser, with minimal disruption to the cornea.

Step 3

By removing the lenticule, the shape of the cornea is adjusted and the refractive error is corrected.

Who Is a Candidate for ZEISS SMILE?

Before you can have ZEISS SMILE, you must qualify as a candidate for the procedure. To find out if you are a candidate, you will need to visit your eye doctor for a consultation.

At this consultation, your eye doctor will thoroughly examine your eyes and take many different measurements. Your eye doctor will also want to learn about you, your lifestyle, and your hobbies.

The ZEISS SMILE procedure is only FDA-approved for those who are nearsighted or who have nearsightedness and astigmatism. If you are farsighted, you may be a better fit for other types of laser vision correction.

When it comes to determining whether or not you will be a good candidate for ZEISS SMILE, your eye doctor will also consider other factors. Your eye doctor will also measure the thickness of your cornea, which must not be too thin.

In addition, it is also essential that you have had a stable glasses prescription for at least two years. Many factors will go into determining your candidacy for ZEISS SMILE, and the only way to know for sure is to visit your eye doctor.

If you have certain corneal conditions or previous laser eye surgery, you may not qualify for ZEISS SMILE. Often, ZEISS SMILE can be an excellent alternative for those who do not qualify for LASIK.

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What Are the Benefits of ZEISS SMILE?

There are many benefits to having any type of laser vision correction. However, ZEISS SMILE has many unique benefits of its own that you cannot receive with other types of laser vision correction.

Quick & Simple

One of the most important benefits is the ease and swiftness of recovery. ZEISS SMILE requires minimal downtime after the procedure. That means get back to wearing makeup, working out, and swimming with minimal down time!

Rapid Visual Recovery

With ZEISS SMILE, you can have surgery today and be back to normal tomorrow! Unlike other types of laser vision correction, which can require a longer recovery time, ZEISS SMILE allows you to get back to your everyday life quickly. A swift recovery means you can wear make-up, go swimming, and return to the gym the very next day! Additionally, ZEISS SMILE is often much more comfortable than LASIK.


The tiny size of this incision also reduces your chance of developing dry eye compared to other types of laser vision correction. By choosing ZEISS SMILE, you can avoid the unwanted side effect of dry eye syndrome.

Minimally Invasive Procedure

Besides a swift recovery and minor side effects, the ZEISS SMILE technology is also much newer than LASIK. With ZEISS SMILE, you can be sure you are receiving the most advanced laser vision treatment currently available!

Freedom From Lenses

ZEISS SMILE is designed to eliminate your need for glasses and contacts.

Are you interested in learning if you are a candidate for the ZEISS SMILE procedure?

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