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NEW FAX NUMBER for co-managed paperwork!  –  As of December 2023, we have added a new fax machine right inside our call center. This number is to be used ONLY for co-management paperwork or exams related to co-managed patients.  This is a HOTLINE for co-managed doctors & staff to get mutual patients’ information over to the schedulers immediately. The number is 716-650-0490.

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Please use this one central fax & phone number for all co-managed patients

Call Center 1-800-309-2020
Central Fax 716-650-0490 / Attn: Call Center

Co-managed Patient Assistance

Refractive surgery department

Dana Perna, Brian Martinek and Linda Grant are Refractive Surgery Coordinators at Fichte,Endl & Elmer Eyecare. They handle all of our co-managed LASIK patients.

Brian Martinek
Brian Martinek
Refractive Surgery Supervisor
(716) 564-4234
Linda Grant
Refractive Surgery Coordinator
(716) 564-2020 ext. 123
Dana Perna
Refractive Surgery Coordinator
(716) 564-4234

Our Billing team is available to you if you have billing questions on your co-managed patients.

Anna Marie Rua
Billing Supervisor
(716) 282-1584
(716) 282-1114 ext. 114 (Direct Line)

Kathy Otto can assist you with any co-managed patients

Kathy Otto
Kathy Otto, COA/ST
(716) 282-1115 (Direct Line)