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NEW FAX NUMBER for co-managed paperwork!  –  As of December 2023, we have added a new fax machine right inside our call center. This number is to be used ONLY for co-management paperwork or exams related to co-managed patients.  This is a HOTLINE for co-managed doctors & staff to get mutual patients’ information over to the schedulers immediately. The number is 716-650-0490.

Stay In Touch With Us

Please use this one central fax & phone number for all co-managed patients

Call Center 1-800-309-2020
Central Fax 716-650-0490 / Attn: Call Center

Co-managed Patient Assistance

Call Center Lead

Jody Green leads the efforts in our call center.
She and her team are your point of contact when making appointments and sending in paperwork for your co-manager patients.

Jody Green
Jody Green
(800) 309-2020
(716) 564-2020 ext. 214 (Direct Line)

Refractive surgery department

Dana Perna, Brian Martinek and Linda Grant are Refractive Surgery Coordinators at Fichte,Endl & Elmer Eyecare. They handle all of our co-managed LASIK patients.

Brian Martinek
Brian Martinek
Refractive Surgery Supervisor
(716) 564-4234
Linda Grant
Refractive Surgery Coordinator
(716) 564-2020 ext. 123
Dana Perna
Refractive Surgery Coordinator
(716) 564-4234

Our Billing team is available to you if you have billing questions on your co-managed patients.

Anna Marie Rua
Billing Supervisor
(716) 282-1584
(716) 282-1114 ext. 114 (Direct Line)

Kathy Otto can assist you with any co-managed patients

Kathy Otto
Kathy Otto, COA/ST
(716) 282-1115 (Direct Line)