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Reviews & Testimonials

Heather B.

“After many years of contemplating having LASIK eye surgery, one day I just decided to take the plunge. I was tired of having to rely on my glasses and contacts to do everything. Dr. Elmer and the team put my fears at ease and held my hand through the entire process. Ten minutes after I
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Kevin O.

“Because my upper lids were drooping I noticed some of my vision was ‘cut off’ or missing. So I went to my eye doctor. A simple test in the office confirmed I was not seeing everything. As an added surprise, I was told my insurance would cover the lid lift procedure! The end result is
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Judy H.

“I had bilateral corneal transplants and cataract surgery because I was not seeing well at night. I was afraid to drive anymore. My results were excellent! I’m seeing so clear and sharp. I am amazed everyday with the clarity of my vision. Don’t let your vision limit your night driving or activities. Cataract surgery is
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Sharron O.

“I had cataract surgery in 2013 because I was having difficulty driving at night due to glare. My results were wonderful. The glare went away and as an added benefit I noticed my color recognition improved and colors were brighter! I’m very pleased and would recommend the procedure!”

Ashley K

“The bladeless LASIK was life changing for me! I still feel like it is all a dream and that I’ll wake up needing my glasses or contacts. I couldn’t believe I was reading signs on the way home 30 minutes after my surgery. Also, the staff was amazing and made me feel so comfortable.”