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Cataract Post-Operative Eye Drop Instructions

Post-Operative Eye Drop Instruction Sheets (TRADITIONAL)

This is the traditional drop instructions sheet. Used for when a patient is placed on 3 separate post-op drops. Usually, patients opt for the 3 drops vs Imprimis (combination 3 in 1 drop) because they have a very low co-pay for individual eye drop bottles and a would be more cost-effective for them.

Traditional Eye Drop Schedule

Traditional eye drops for cataract surgery

Post-Operative Instruction Sheet (OSRx Compounded Drops)

Our practice is excited to offer an alternative to the standard “3 separate eye drop regimen” as part of the typical cataract surgery protocol. Our Surgeons may recommend this drop during your patient’s cataract evaluation.

This 3 in 1 drop will provide the benefits of an antibiotic, an NSAID, and a steroid, all in the convenience of one drop. (Moxifloxacin 0.5%, Bromfenac 0.075%, Prednisolone Phosphate 1% Sterile Ophthalmic Solution)  In addition, a dilating drop will also be given to the patients so they can self-dilate at home prior to arriving at the ASC on Surgery Day.

3-in-1 Eye Drop Schedule

About OSRx Compounded Drops

The OSRx compounded drop is much more convenient and quite easy to use than 3 different bottles. Although it is not covered by insurance plans the out-of-pocket cost is reasonable and indicated below.

  • One eye:   Dilating drop & 5ml bottle=$52.00
  • Both eyes: Dilating drop & (2) 5ml bottles =$87.00

Once ordered, your drops will be delivered directly to the patient’s home in approximately 2 weeks. Instructions will be given & reviewed at their pre-op appointment with one of our surgical counselors.