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What is Prokera?

Prokera is the newest form of eye treatment for patients with ocular surface disease. This therapeutic device provides quick relief from symptoms as well as reduces inflammation.  Keep reading to learn more about Prokera and if it could be right for you!  How Does Prokera Work? Prokera is a therapeutic device made from amniotic membrane…. Read More

End Opioid Incentives by Michael J. Endl, MD

One way to combat the addiction crisis is by preventing it. For the last few months, New York has been embroiled in a once-in-a-generation fight against COVID-19. With our health care heroes going into overdrive, policymakers extending emergency relief, and millions of New Yorkers committed to stopping the spread of the virus, weare finally seeing… Read More

5 Tips for Wearing a Mask with Glasses

Many changes have taken place in the world over the past several months, making the preparation key when leaving the house. Remembering your mask when you go out to run errands or head to work has become paramount! Wearing a mask can come with complications. For people with glasses, using a mask can easily make… Read More

Getting Off Eye Drops When You Have Glaucoma

Do you have glaucoma? Are you looking for an alternative to using eye drops? Treating and maintaining your eye health when you have glaucoma is important. Glaucoma is the “silent thief of vision” because it can cause vision loss before you realize you have it. Keep reading to learn more about glaucoma and how you… Read More

Dr. Endl holding model eyeball

Cataract Awareness Month

Not only is June the beginning of summer, but it also is Fireworks Eye Safety and Cataract Awareness Month. Annually, fireworks cause almost 10,000 injuries. Cataracts are one of the main reasons for vision loss. Having an entire month dedicated to firework eye safety and cataracts is important to educate people about how to take… Read More

Win a chance at FREE LASIK by attending LASIK OPEN HOUSE

Think you’re ready for LASIK? You can win free LASIK from Fichte, Endl & Elmer Eyecare by attending LASIK Open House. This is an amazing giveaway and part of the “2020 Live MusicExperience”. Simply register for and attend our LASIK Open House during the first quarter of 2020 and your name is entered to win!     One… Read More

What Does Dextenza Do?

Have you been putting off Cataract surgery because you don’t like eye drops? Dextenza is a revolutionary new option to treat post-surgical symptoms and reduce the number of eye drops needed following cataract surgery. Dextenza is a corticosteroid that provides extended time-release of steroids into the eye, developed by Ocular Therapeutix. Commonly used for post-cataract… Read More

Do Computer Glasses Prevent Eye Strain?

Everyone has been talking about blue light blocking glasses lately! Do you ever wonder if they really prevent eye strain? In our work and daily lives, adults spend an average of over six hours a day looking at screens and using digital devices. Most electronics have digital screens that are made with a strong source… Read More

Surgeons Giving Thumbs up

The First Practice in Western NY to Implant Alcon’s PanOptix Lens

Fichte Endl & Elmer Eyecare is now the first practice in Western NY to perform cataract surgery with the Alcon PanOptix Trifocal lens. This lens is the first and only FDA-approved trifocal lens, which has been shown to substantially reduce the need for glasses following cataract surgery. The Alcon PanOptix Trifocal lens improves vision at… Read More

Young Happy Girl at School

7 Back To School Eye Care Tips

It’s that time of year again! Back to school is here! It’s time for all new supplies, clothing, haircuts, and more for you or your children. Are you starting to think about getting your kids ready for school? Have you been putting off your own eye health? Eyes are an important contributor to success at… Read More

Happy LASIK Patients

Why You Should Get LASIK In The Summer

Do you love participating in water activities during the summer? Have you had glasses for years and want a change? We know that glasses and contacts improve your vision, but they can also be inconvenient when it comes to enjoying summertime activities. Wouldn’t you love to live a life that doesn’t involve glasses or contacts?… Read More

What Is The Value Of ASCRS?

Fichte Endl & Elmer Eyecare attends ASCRS (The American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery) every year, and with good reason. ASCRS is a 5-day annual meeting that focuses on the new technology, practice marketing, and management trends and is a great way to connect and learn from experienced industry professionals! Every year, the American… Read More

Why Do We Hold Cataract Surgery Lunch And Learns?

Aging comes with many changes to your body and health, and our eyes are no exception! Over time, vision can slowly blur, become foggy, or begin to take on a yellow hue. For millions of people, their vision decline could be due to having a cataract. Cataracts go hand-in-hand with aging and are a treatable… Read More

Could BlephEx be Right for You?

Dry eye, blepharitis…it can all sound like another language if you’re not familiar with them. But you’ll know the symptoms if you have them: itchy eyes, irritated eyelids, and discomfort. If you’ve been diagnosed with blepharitis, keep reading to learn more about BlephEx! What is Blepharitis? Although blepharitis and dry eye can be connected and… Read More

3 Ways Screens Can Harm Your Vision

How many hours do you think you spend looking at screens every day? From working on computers to scrolling through social media on your phone and watching television, you probably spend a lot more time than you’d think looking at screens. According to Statista, American adults spend an average of three hours and 54 minutes… Read More

Ask the Optician: Do I Need Prescription Sunglasses?

Whether you’re at the beach or shoveling snow, sunglasses are a beneficial investment. Prescription sunglasses not only protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, but they provide convenience when driving, vacationing, and participating in other outdoor activities. We spoke with Gordon Sage, managing optician at Fichte Endl and Elmer Eyecare, about the benefits of… Read More

Affordable Eye Care: How to Afford Laser Eye Surgery

Surgical costs are a common concern among medical patients, and eye care is no exception. According to recent studies by All About Vision, the average annual cost of contact lenses was $220 in 2017. The average cost of LASIK was $2,088 per eye, and the average cost of cataract surgery was $3,600 per eye without… Read More

Dr. Elmer's team holding a banner for National Sight week in one of our surgery centers

Giving Back: Free Cataract Surgery for National Sight Week

Thousands of Americans develop cataracts every year. Four million cataract procedures are performed annually in the United States, but this doesn’t begin to cover the number of people with cataracts in our nation. Hundreds of Americans cannot afford cataract surgery, putting them at risk of permanent vision loss. Fichte Endl & Elmer Eyecare is partnering… Read More

group of business people laying down in a circle - all blurred except the faces visible through the eyeglasses lenses

What You Need to Know About Astigmatism

Astigmatism is one of the most common vision problems. In fact, the American Academy of Ophthalmology® states that one in three people in the United States has some level of astigmatism. Despite its prevalence, many are unaware of the basics of the condition. We’ve compiled our expertise to explain everything you need to know about… Read More

Photo of Shawn Buffum wearing his contacts with a quote saying, "It's like having 18-year-old eyes again. You can see everything as you should."

Ask the Optician: How Can I Protect My Eyes This Summer?

Outdoor activities increase during summer months, especially after a snowy winter and spring. Whether you’re spending time by the water or doing yardwork, it’s important to protect against increased exposure to the sun and elements. We’ve asked Gordon Sage, managing optician at Fichte Endl & Elmer Eyecare, to help us answer one of the most… Read More

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