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Say Goodbye to Contact Lens Intolerance with Vision Correction

Are your contact lenses making your life harder instead of easier? Contact lenses can be a great alternative to glasses, but they are not for everyone. If you experience intolerance… Read More

How to Determine the Best Glaucoma Treatment

Are you one of the three million Americans who have glaucoma? Glaucoma is an eye condition that damages your optic nerve. Your optic nerve relays information to your brain so… Read More

What is the Clearview IOL?

If you are considering cataract surgery, you should know of an exciting new lens option: the Clearview IOL. At Fichte, Endl, & Elmer Eyecare, we proudly offer this advanced lens… Read More

Astigmatism: We Can Fix It!

Is your vision blurry, whether you’re looking at something up close or far away? Do you catch yourself squinting frequently and experience headaches and eye strain? If so, you may… Read More

5 Signs You Need Cataract Surgery

Have you recently found out you have cataracts? When you are diagnosed with a cataract, it does not always mean that you need surgery immediately. Some cataracts present very quickly,… Read More

Why You Should Spend Your Flex Spending Dollars on Laser Vision Correction

Are you interested in a laser vision correction procedure but unsure how to finance it? You may have funds in your flexible spending account (FSA) that can help! Now that… Read More

How Do I Know if I Have Presbyopia?

Do you tend to hold objects like your phone or a menu arm’s length away? If you’re having trouble seeing things up-close, you may have presbyopia. Also called age-related farsightedness,… Read More

Why It’s About More than Word of Mouth with the Best Cataract Surgeons in Western New York

Do you need cataract surgery? You may wonder how to make sure you choose the right cataract surgeon. Cataract surgery is one of the most common procedures you can undergo…. Read More

7 of the Best Treatment Options for Dry Eye Syndrome

Does it feel like your eyes burn, sting, or are scratchy? Over 16 million Americans are affected by dry eye syndrome. In addition to an uncomfortable sensation, you may experience… Read More

Can the PanOptix Trifocal IOL Give Me Back My Clear Vision?

Are you considering cataract surgery? Cataract surgery involves removing your eye’s natural lens and replacing it with a clear, artificial one. This is referred to as an intraocular lens or… Read More

3 Reasons Why People Choose ZEISS SMILE Over LASIK

Are you thinking of permanently correcting your vision to leave glasses behind? LASIK isn’t your only option. ZEISS SMILE is the latest advancement in the world of laser vision correction…. Read More

Can Durysta Help Treat Glaucoma?

Do you or someone you love have glaucoma? One of the most important things to remember is to take your medication every day when you have glaucoma. Whether it’s eye… Read More

Are Premium Lenses Worth it for Active Lifestyles?

Do you like being physically active? If you have cataracts, having cataract surgery is the only way to regain your clear vision. But if you want the best fit for… Read More

6 Signs You Could Be a Good Laser Vision Correction Candidate

Would you like to say goodbye to your glasses or contacts once and for all? With laser vision correction, it’s possible to significantly reduce or eliminate the need for glasses… Read More

Introducing the New Vuity Eye Drops for Presbyopia!

Do you have to hold reading material an arm’s length away to see it? Do you have to rely on reading glasses? If so, you might have presbyopia. Fortunately, you… Read More

Why You Deserve More Vibrant Eyesight in the New Year

From the fireworks on New Year’s Eve to the flowers blooming in the spring, you want to make sure you can see it all. As preparations begin for heading into… Read More

What is the OMNI Surgical System and How Can it Get You Off Glaucoma Drops?

If you recently found out that you have glaucoma or you have had it for years, it’s important to know what your treatment options are. Something new is here! For… Read More

Could Prokera Help My Dry Eye Symptoms?

Do your eyes feel dry or irritated? These are common signs of a condition called dry eye syndrome. Dry eye syndrome occurs when you don’t produce enough tears or the… Read More

Are You Attending Our September Cataract Surgery Lunch & Learn?

Did you know that more than half of Americans have cataracts? People with cataracts may not realize they have them, at least at first. Over time, cataracts develop, making it… Read More

Upneeq Drops for Droopy Upper Eyelids

Do you have droopy or sleepy-looking eyelids? These are common signs associated with a condition known as acquired blepharoptosis or acquired ptosis. This condition causes the eyelids to sag or… Read More

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