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LASIK Eye Surgery is Life Changing

Tim Wilson used to struggle with intense migraines and weight problems. This year, Tim decided to change his life forever, starting with a LASIK procedure from Fichte Endl & Elmer.

Tim had migraines nearly every day, averaging about 25 migraines a month. “I have always had bad eyesight,” Tim says. “I can’t see without my glasses, and the migraines were just the worst.”

“I decided to get LASIK in February after speaking with Dr. Elmer. I had never had any surgeries before LASIK, and I had no idea what to expect. But he was very calming throughout the process and assured me that everything would be fine. And he was right — it didn’t hurt at all. The whole office took great care of me.”

After LASIK, Tim has had only one migraine in the last six months and has been reaping the benefits of being glasses-free. “The first thing I did after my surgery was buy a very nice pair of Oakley sunglasses. Why? Because I could. I can finally wear sunglasses without worrying about my glasses.”

Two months later, Tim was ready to tackle the next hurdle in his life: gastric sleeve surgery, also known as the sleeve gastrectomy.

“I had bad asthma, allergies, and I once fell over playing with my kids because I couldn’t breathe,” Tim says. “It was that moment I thought, ‘That’s it. I need to do this for the kids.’” Although it was a hard road adjusting to his food intake, he has gone from 290 pounds to 204 in a matter of seven months. Tim plans on losing 10 to 15 more pounds this year.

“My children are my life, and now when I play with them, I don’t have to worry about my glasses breaking or gasping for air,” Tim says. “If I would have known how simple it was to change my life forever, I would have done it years ago. That’s the truth. I live a completely different life now.”

Tim recently has recommended a friend to Fichte Endl and Elmer, and she ended up having LASIK, too.

“Every time I have the chance I recommend them, I do,” Tim says. “Kathy Otto, Coordinator of Marketing & Outreach and Dr. Elmer were the ones that helped me understand the benefits of LASIK and were so supportive.”

Are you ready to change your life with LASIK? Sign up for a consultation to ask any questions you may have about your procedure.

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