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Improve Your Near Vision With the Raindrop Inlay Procedure

Fichte Endl Elmer Eyecare is the first to offer the brand new, FDA-approved Raindrop Corneal Inlay procedure in the Northeast. This highly anticipated implantable Raindrop device improves near vision for patients, specifically those with the common age-related vision problem, Presbyopia. The Inlay improves near vision and can potentially reduce the dependency on reading glasses. If you are constantly buying and stashing reading glasses everywhere imaginable, this procedure may be perfect for you.

Best Candidates for the Raindrop Inlay

The best candidates are people who are experiencing near vision difficulties from Presbyopia. Presbyopia is caused by the steady decline of the ability to control focusing power of your eyes. This occurs in almost all adults with natural aging, starting near the age of 40. The FDA states, “This procedure is indicated for use in patients 41 to 65 years old who, in addition to not having had cataract surgery, are unable to focus clearly on near objects or small print and need reading glasses with +1.50 to +2.50 diopters of power — but do not need glasses or contacts for clear distance vision.”

How the Raindrop Inlay works

Recently featured on the Today Show, the Raindrop inlay device is smaller than the size of a penny, at 32 micrometers thick and 2mm in diameter.

The device is fittingly called the Raindrop because it is made up entirely of a clear, hydrogel material and looks much like a small water droplet. The Raindrop device is transplanted just behind the cornea layer, which is the clear, front surface of the eye. The implant reshapes the curvature of the cornea to help provide a stronger surface for the eye to better focus on near objects.

Results of the procedure

The procedure, similarly to LASIK, takes only about 10 minutes to complete with a quick recovery. Most patients who have had Raindrop gain five lines of near vision on an eye chart without the need for reading glasses within one week and their vision continues to improve for several weeks. In fact, the two-year FDA study resulted with 92 of patients that had 20/40 vision or better at near distances with the implant.

Still have some questions? Read our Raindrop Inlay FAQ post.

NOTICE:  As of January 30, 2018, Revision Optics, the manufacturer of the Raindrop® Near Vision Inlay, will no longer be in business and will not be distributing the inlay. Fichte Endl & Elmer Eyecare encourages you to review our other services and procedures to see if there is another solution available to fit your needs.


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