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What Should I Expect at a LASIK Open House?

Are you considering LASIK? We hope to see you at a LASIK Open House, a special event held monthly at our Amherst office.

Hosted by one of our surgeons, our LASIK Open House event allows you to learn more about the laser vision correction procedures among fellow attendees who are also considering LASIK.

When you arrive, you may have questions, including which procedure is right for you. By the time you leave, you will be more informed and prepared to make the best decision for you.

If you choose to get laser vision correction, this event will ensure you are as comfortable as possible on the day of your procedure. Keep reading to find out what you should expect at one of our LASIK Open Houses!

Become Better Acquainted With Laser Vision Duration During a Presentation

When you are considering laser vision correction, it is entirely normal to have questions. Choosing to get laser vision correction is a big deal. You should only make this decision after completely understanding how the procedures work and what they can do for your vision.

Our presentations are meant to address any questions about laser vision correction, including how the procedure can permanently correct your vision and who is a good candidate. Because we offer 3 different forms of laser vision correction (SMILE, LASIK & ASA) we will describe all of them, and how they differ. We are the only practice in western New York offering ZEISS SMILE. This is the newest, most advanced laser vision correction procedure, and offers the swiftest recovery process.

We will cover everything from preparing for the procedure to the kind of recovery involved. We’ll also invite you to ask any additional questions, and our surgeon will gladly answer them.

Familiarize Yourself With Our Facility and See Where We Perform Laser Vision Correction

It is not only a matter of deciding whether to get laser vision correction. Where you choose to have the procedure is just as important.

You can read about different facilities online and even view images. Still, the experience of walking through one differs from the experience of actually walking through one and viewing it in person. At open house, we allow you to tour the laser suites so you can see exactly where your procedure is done.

When you tour our facility, you will see how committed we are to providing exceptional care. Our advanced laser suites are equipped with the latest technology, so we can provide the best that vision correction procedures have to offer.

Seeing exactly where the laser vision correction procedure will be performed can also make you more comfortable because you’ll know just what to expect on the day you have laser vision correction at Fichte, Endl & Elmer Eyecare.

Watch a Laser Vision Correction Procedure on an Actual Patient

We invite all our attendees to watch a live procedure performed on an actual patient. You will see that laser vision correction only takes a few minutes per eye or less and how little discomfort is involved.

You will also see how exact and precise our laser technology is. Many of our attendees say that this part of the open house puts them at ease with the procedure and helps quell any fears they may have had before attending.

You will be able to meet the patient after the procedure is complete and ask them any questions you may have about the experience of getting laser vision correction. You will also enjoy a dinner provided by local vendors like My Tomato Pie.

Would you like to attend our next LASIK Open House? Space is limited, so be sure to register soon!

Click here to register for the next Fichte, Endl & Elmer Eyecare LASIK open house, or call us at 1-800-309-2020 to request an appointment in Buffalo, NY!

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