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LASIK treatment as unique as you are

Conventional laser treatments strictly utilize your prescription when reshaping your cornea – but there is more to your eye than your prescription! Here, you’ll benefit from Wavefront technology – a system that analyzes waves of light exiting your eye to note your own unique optical imperfections. This analysis is converted to a 3D map that guides your doctor, using an Excimer laser, in reshaping your cornea to give you optimal vision! Custom laser treatments can also lower the occurrence of common, unwanted visual effects associated with conventional treatment like glare and halos.


Make An Appointment

Thank you for your interest in scheduling an appointment with us! Because we are a multi-specialty ophthalmology and optometry practice with multiple doctors locations and appointment types we are unable to allow our patients to schedule their own appointments online. Please allow us to take a more personal approach and contact you to set up your appointment. Thank you for your interest in Fichte Endl Elmer Eyecare, where we are focused on you!