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5 Signs You Need Cataract Surgery

Have you recently found out you have cataracts? When you are diagnosed with a cataract, it does not always mean that you need surgery immediately.

Some cataracts present very quickly, but most progress slowly over time. They may not bother you much in the early stages. You may not even notice symptoms at first. When your eye doctor examines, if they are mild, they usually won’t even mention you have them.

Because they progress so gradually, it may be confusing to know when to start considering cataract surgery. Keep reading for 5 signs it may be time for cataract surgery!

1. Your Vision Has Gotten Blurrier

When you have a cataract, it makes the natural lens cloudy, obscuring your vision. It makes it harder for light to pass through as it should, resulting in blurry images.

One of the most common symptoms of cataracts is blurry vision. At first, a mild degree of blurriness may not bother you much.

However, over time, your vision will get blurrier, making it far more challenging to see objects at any distance. When this begins to affect your ability to complete daily activities, from relaxing with a book to cooking in the kitchen, it’s worth considering cataract surgery.

Cataract surgery works by removing the clouded natural lens of your eye. The natural lens is replaced with a clear, artificial one called an intraocular lens. When your natural lens and cataract are removed, you’ll have your clear vision restored.

2. You’re Falling More Because of Impaired Vision

Accidents happen, but they can happen more often when you have a cataract. It is not uncommon for cataract patients to experience falls due to impaired vision.

When you can’t see clearly, it’s easy to miss a step going up or down the stairs or to lose your balance, wherever you may be. Because falls pose a significant risk, cataract surgery is not only a way to restore clear vision but also a way to keep you safe.

3. Colors Have Lost Their Vibrance

If the world around you appears less vibrant, this can be due to a cataract. Colors often appear faded or even yellowed for patients with cataracts.

It can seem as if you are viewing everything through yellow-tinted glasses. After cataract surgery, you’ll be amazed at how vibrant the world appears again, from a sunset view to your favorite shows and movies.

4. You No Longer Feel Safe Driving at Night

Do you avoid driving at night? Driving at night can pose a unique challenge when you have a cataract.

Before having cataracts, you may have felt comfortable driving to do errands, going to events, or visiting your favorite coffee shop. But with cataracts, driving at night can pose many challenges.

You may experience glare from streetlights or oncoming traffic in low light, especially in the evening. Many cataract patients find that the safest way to get around is to have someone drive them at night.

You should be free to travel whenever you want to. You can reclaim your independence and feel safe driving at night by getting cataract surgery.

5. Your Prescription Keeps Changing

Does it seem like your glasses or contacts are no longer as effective as they once were? If your prescription keeps changing and fluctuating, it may be due to cataracts.

Since a cataract grows slowly over time, it can affect your vision significantly, including the need for a stronger prescription. However, for those with cataracts, a new prescription is only a temporary fix to the problem.

The only way to treat cataracts is by undergoing cataract surgery. Other solutions, like using more light, or an updated prescription, will only get you so far.

Do one or more of these signs apply to you? It’s time to consider cataract surgery. Contact Fichte, Endl & Elmer Eyecare at 1-800-309-2020 to request an appointment in Buffalo, NY, or sign up for one of our FREE monthly cataract surgery lunch & learn events!

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