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Drag Racer’s Driving Improves After LASIK Eye Surgery

Race driver's vision improved by LASIK

Kevin Maras is a semi-pro drag car racer, driving in the ET racing bracket for the last 25 years. “Drag racing takes precision and exactness for timing. Some races come down to a hundredth or even thousandth of a second when crossing the finishing line.”

Kevin had LASIK eye surgery 11 years ago

Kevin had LASIK 11 years ago and says it is one of the best things he has ever done. He only regrets not having gotten the procedure sooner.

“After having my LASIK procedure, I could see the scoreboard and the starting tree much clearer.  The best way I can describe how truly amazing LASIK is, is that I now have HD vision. Everything is so crisp, clear and bright.When I am racing, I am wearing a lot of gear. I have a fire suit on, a mask and a helmet. During the race, there’s a lot of heat and dust inside the car, so immediately following the race the first thing I want to do is take off my helmet on the way back to my pit area. Taking off my helmet used to be such a pain with glasses, and now it is much easier and safer.”

He also explains how not having contacts has been such a relief, “When I wore glasses, I had to tilt my head for a full range of vision. You would think contacts would be the solution, but even with contacts, my eyes would get so irritated from the dust and dirt. I have to say, it such a relief to not have contacts in my eyes anymore. I now see better than I ever did with glasses or contacts and the freedom is great.”

LASIK was such a positive change in Kevin’s life

Kevin explains that getting LASIK was such a positive change in his life and that he likes sharing his LASIK story from a patient’s point of view.

“Everyone at Fichte Endl & Elmer is warm, welcoming and genuine. When you walk in, everyone has a smile on their face. I remember being in the office and trying to read the large letter E on the vision board – it was blurry and hard to make out without my glasses.”

“After my appointment, Dr. Elmer called me personally to discuss my options for LASIK surgery. This phone call wasn’t just someone in the office or a receptionist… it was the surgeon himself taking time to call me and discuss all of my options. I was very impressed by that.”

“That afternoon after the procedure, I remember the drive home and reading the billboards, and being shocked at what all I could see that I couldn’t before. One I arrived home, I took the doctors’ orders and took a brief nap. Upon waking, I could not believe how much my vision had improved even more. I was able to see the alarm clock, the definition of shadows on the walls, and even the panels on the door across the room that I was never able to make out before. I had a hard time wanting to go to bed later that night because I was so excited about all the things I could see – with just my own eyes.

Upon my checkup appointment, I remember seeing the same large E on the chart  so clearly and when asked the time, not only could I tell them what time it was, I was able to see the exact minutes on the clock on the wall. It’s the little things that make a huge difference.”

Better vision for the whole family

Better vision has become a family affair for the Marases. Kevin spent more time with his wife and two daughters in the pool than he had ever before that summer. His wife was so impressed with his results she ended up getting LASIK six months later and they both recommended their parents to Fichte Endle & Elmer for cataract surgery.

If you are interested in LASIK, call Fichte Endl & Elmer Eyecare to set up an appointment with us!

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