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Introducing the New Vuity Eye Drops for Presbyopia!

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Do you have to hold reading material an arm’s length away to see it? Do you have to rely on reading glasses? If so, you might have presbyopia.

Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with blurry up-close vision. A new solution has become available at Fichte, Endl & Elmer Eyecare called Vuity, making it easier than ever to restore your vision.

Vuity eye drops are the first and only drops to treat presbyopia, reducing your dependence on reading glasses. Keep reading to learn more!

What Is Presbyopia?

As part of the aging process, presbyopia results from decreased flexibility in the natural lens of the eye with age and getting older. Close objects appear out of focus because the eye can no longer change shape to perceive them. While distance vision often remains normal, near vision is impaired.

Although the resulting experience is similar, this differs from farsightedness. An inability to see nearby objects stems from an irregularly shaped eye, resulting in light focusing incorrectly. Presbyopia then occurs when the lens hardens and cannot move the same way.

Individuals often have to wear reading glasses whenever they need to look at material from a close distance. Reading books or newspapers, or viewing a screen from a short distance, can otherwise be difficult. They may also experience headaches or eyestrain from up-close work.

This prevalent condition affects 128 million Americans, half of the U.S. adult population. Presbyopia will typically develop around your forties, with symptoms worsening over time. Presbyopia can be diagnosed by having an eye exam.

What Are Vuity Eye Drops?

Vuity Eye Drops

The first of their kind to be FDA approved, Vuity prescription eye drops have been proven to treat presbyopia. Now available, this treatment has been in the works for a decade.

The drops are comprised of an eye care therapeutic that’s specially designed to treat age-related blurry near vision. Thanks to built-in pHast™ technology, the drops quickly adjust to the pH of the tear film.

The drops work with the eye’s natural ability to adjust the size of the pupil. By contracting specific muscles in the eye to reduce pupil size, near vision is improved while maintaining distance vision. They are intended for mild to intermediate cases of presbyopia.

The Benefits of Vuity Eye Drops

Many individuals with presbyopia have to resort to reading glasses to see up-close material. Thanks to Vuity, you can eliminate the need for such eyewear.

Until now, refractive surgery or lens implantation was the only alternative to glasses or contacts. Now, with this state-of-the-art treatment, sharp vision is a simple matter of taking a moment to instill just one drop in each eye.

Since the drops last six to ten hours, you don’t have to stop your busy life to use them repeatedly throughout the day. Most patients in reading glasses benefit significantly from using Vuity once a day. It also begins working quickly, in as little as fifteen minutes.

Are you tired of dealing with the hassles of reading glasses? Find out if Vuity eye drops are right for you by calling Fichte, Endl & Elmer Eyecare to request an appointment in Buffalo, NY, at 1-800-309-2020 now!

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