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Clear your vision after cataract surgery

At some point, after receiving your cataract surgery, you may notice that your vision is not completely clear. This clouding of part of your lens covering (or “capsule) is called posterior capsule opacification. To restore your vision, you may choose to have an outpatient laser procedure called YAG posterior capsulotomy. During this quick procedure, your doctor will give you a topical anesthetic in eyedrop form to ensure your comfort. Then, a YAG laser will be used to remove a portion of the lining of your lens capsule, clearing the way for light to pass through.

Posterior capsule opacification – sometimes called “aftercataract” – can appear several months or even years after cataract surgery. In some cases, its effects are worse than the original cataract! A YAG laser posterior capsulotomy might be right for you if:

After surgery: Your vision may be blurry for a few hours afterward because your eye is dilated for the procedure. Our team will check your eye pressure and when it is in an acceptable range, you are free to go home.

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