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Pediatric Eye Exam

Tom Elmer Jr., M.D. completed an extra year of studies in pediatric eyecare and surgery. He, along with Optometrist Dr. Adrienne Cassata, utilize facilities and equipment specifically designed to meet the unique ophthalmic needs of children. This is what can be expected in the course of your child’s eye exam: visual acuity, muscle balance and eye alignment, binocular vision, refraction and fundus examination. Once the exam is complete, glasses may be prescribed. Our convenient optical boutique has a wide selection of frames for children, including very young children. Treatment or surgery for other problems may also be addressed at the end of the exam. Blurriness associated with the dilating drops will fade in a matter of hours. If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment for your child, call 1-800-309-2020.