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8 Ways the Holidays are Better Without Eyeglasses

Holiday season is quickly approaching. While Thanksgiving and Christmas can be wonderful times of the year, the holidays can also be stressful, making it easy to let the reason for the season fall out of focus. Don’t let your eyeglasses be an added stressor.

8 Ways the Holidays are Better Without Eyeglasses Title Overlaying Winter scarves and pinecones

Eyeglasses can become a hassle during the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Here are some of our patients’ top frustrations – all of which can be avoided with LASIK or Cataract surgery.

1.      Children

Baby wearing santa hat

Kids look sweet when they are running around with their handmade turkey cutouts and Santa hats, but they aren’t so loveable when they are putting your eyeglasses in danger. Whether you are holding a baby who wants to pull your glasses off your face or a toddler who gets fingerprints all over them, children can be a source of danger for your eyewear.

2.      The Foggy Glasses Conundrum

Teen in Hoodie with Foggy Glasses

No matter what you do during the winter season, it seems like your eyeglasses are bound to fog up. Take a step out of your heated home into the cold outdoors and you have to wipe the condensation off your glasses. Same goes for cooking over the stove or drinking hot cocoa, and don’t get us started on snowfall and rain blurring your lenses!

3.      Family Photos

Man looking through camera lens wearing glasses

Operating a camera always makes you feel like a part of Shakespeare’s Hamlet: To wear [my glasses] or not to wear. That is the question. If you wear them, you are forced to look through two lenses, which is quite uncomfortable. If you don’t wear them, the view is out of focus. And then there’s the problem of being in the picture. It’s not fun being the person who makes the group retake the photo because your glasses had a glare on them.

4.      Never Look Down

Man with eyeglasses reading red book

The ever-looming fear of your glasses falling off is the perfect reason to ditch them this holiday season. Not only is it annoying to constantly push them back up the brim of your nose, but doing so while cooking can get food all over the frames. Plus, being afraid to look down for fear of having your glasses fall underfoot or in your lap can cause neck tension and pain.

5.      Now, Where Did I Leave Those Things?

Eyeglasses sitting on an open book

This is probably the most common eyeglasses problem. How often do you lose your glasses on a daily basis? During the holidays, the fear of lost glasses is multiplied because you don’t want a guest to accidentally sit on them, step on them, blur them with fingerprints, or move them somewhere you will never find them. Losing eyeglasses causes so much worry but more often than not, you can find them on your head.

6.      Family Football

Man wearing eyeglasses standing in the dark and looking out a window

It’s lonely being the only family member who can’t join the family football game because you don’t want to risk breaking your eyeglasses but can’t see without them. Don’t get stuck inside while the rest of your family has all the fun.

7.      Cooking Disasters

Person screaming while baking

Reading recipe cards without your eyeglasses can be infuriating. What’s worse is missing an ingredient because you couldn’t read it on the paper. Then, there is the moment you realize you mistook the salt for the sugar and ruined the pumpkin pie you spent all day baking…

8.      Being Mistaken for Santa Claus

Old Man with eyeglasses down the brim of his nose

Silver hair + silver beard + glasses = Santa Claus, right? Wear a red shirt and you’re getting stares in the grocery store. Sometimes you don’t have time to stop and listen to children’s Christmas lists. Ditch the glasses and become a regular man with grey hair.

Each of these holiday frustrations can be solved with one of our quick and easy procedures. Don’t let your holiday be ruined by added stress from your eyeglasses. Take our 30-second questionnaire to discover if you are a candidate for LASIK or call (800) 309-2020 to schedule a comprehensive consultation with our highly trained staff.

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